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Caribbeancom Premium 111921_004 Monthy Shino Aoi

A monthly publication by Shino Aoi, a horny girl who was surprised to have never seen it before! The slender body with the tiny B cup is twisted and felt with the whole body. Even when attacking, I will do my best, and handjobs and 69 while saying jargon are also erotic! In addition, a shameful play project in which a general woman watches sex in front of her is also included. Enjoy sex with more professional guts and screams than usual! 今までなかったのがびっくりな淫乱娘・碧しのによる月刊!Bカップのちっぱいの付いたスレンダーボディをくねらせ全身で感じる。攻める時も全力で、隠語をいいながらの手コキや69もエロい!さらに一般女性が目の前でセックスを鑑賞するという羞恥プレイ企画も収録。いつもよりプロ根性に火がつき雄叫び多めのセックスをお楽しみください!


Shino Aoi